Democracy in Africa Research Unit

The Democracy in Africa Research Unit strengthens empirical social science research capacity in Africa by supporting and conducting systematic research on key factors that shape the survival and quality of democracy in South Africa and the rest of the continent. DARU’s activities are focused in four broad research areas: public opinion, voting and elections, political Institutions, and the political Consequences of HIV/AIDS.


Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD)

The Center is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit research-based and policy-oriented think tank in Accra, Ghana. Founded in 1998, it is dedicated to the promotion ofdemocracy, good governance and the development of a liberal political and economic environment in Ghana in particular and Africa in general. In so doing, CDD-Ghana seeks to enhance the democratic content of public policy and to advance the cause of constitutionalism, individual liberty, the rule oflaw, andintegrity inpublic life.

The Center’s mission is to promote democracy, good governance and the development of liberal economic environment in Ghana in particular and Africa in general.


Institute for Democracy in South Africa (Idasa)

Idasa is an independent public interest organisation committed to building sustainable democratic societies in collaboration with African and global partners.

It is a registered Section 21 company in South Africa, has a functioning Board of Directors, and employs Grant Thornton as its company auditors. Idasa is a recognised public interest organisation in Africa. It maintains international links with many similar organisations through the world movement for democracy.


Liberia Democracy Watch

Liberia Democracy Watch was established in late 1996 in the build up to the 1997 elections in Liberia. The organization founded by a group of university graduates envisioned a society devoid of socio-political abuses, corruption and the weaning respect for the rule of law.

As part of its first engagement, LDW was a founding member of the elections observatory group: Liberia Elections Observers Network (LEON), a collection of local elections observers group funded by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) which comprised the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (JPC), FOCUS and many other local organizations.


The Afrobarometer

The Afrobarometer is an independent, nonpartisan research project that measures the social, political, and economic atmosphere in Africa.

Afrobarometer surveys are conducted in more that a dozen African countries and are repeated on a regular cycle. Because the instrument asks a standard set of questions, countries can be systematically compared. Trends in public attitudes are tracked over time. Results are shared with decision makers, policy advocates, civic educators, journalists, researchers, donors and investors, as well as average Africans who wish to become more informed and active citizens.


The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD)

The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) was established in the United Kingdom in 1997 as an independent, not-for-profit, research training, advocacy and capacity building organisation. The purpose was to mobilise global opinion and resources for democratic development and provide an independent space to reflect critically on the challenges posed to the democratisation and development processes in West Africa.

CDD set out to generate dialogue on alternative pathways that are universally relevant and context sensitive. The first activity of the Centre was a roundtable organised in London in 1997 on the democratic future of Nigeria (then under military dictatorship). CDD activities have since grown not only in Nigeria but in the entire West African sub-region and the rest of the continent.

The Centre remains focused on capacity building work, policy advocacy, and as a research reference point on democratic governance, human security, people-centred development and human rights.

The CDD’s mission is to be the prime catalyst and facilitator for analysis and capacity building for sustainable democracy and development in the West African sub-region. CDD programmes are conceptualised to develop the organisation’sregional vocation and are aimed at:

  • Developing a capacity building strategy to increase its impact on democracy and development in all countries in the West African sub-region.
  • Developing partnerships and building synergy with civil society organisations, regional institutions and development partners in West Africa and beyond.
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