Visiting PhD Students

The Sydney Democracy Initiative (SDI) has its first Visiting PhD students from the WZB in Berlin, with whom the University of Sydney now has a formal link.

Heiko Giebler

Heiko Giebler is currently working as a research fellow at the Social Science Research Center Berlin. He received is B.A. and M.A. in Social Sciences from the Humboldt-University Berlin. His research areas include contextual effects on electoral behavior, European elections, electoral campaigning, the measurement of democracy, and quantitative methods.

He is currently working on his PhD project titled “Individual vs. Contextual Effects on Electoral Behavior and Campaigning in First- and Second-order Elections.” Among others, his work was published or accepted for publication in Electoral Studies, Journal of Political Marketing, or European Political Science. He is working in the German longitudinal Election Study (GLES) and he is a board member of the European Election Studies Association.

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Rustam Hakimov

Rustam Hakimov was born in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on 12th February 1985. After graduating school he entered the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University in Bishkek with a major quantitative economics and statistics. In 2007 he got the first degree and started his professional carrier in business. In 2008, after one year of work for private company Hakimov was awarded the DAAD/OSI scholarship for his master degree in economics and management in Humboldt University Berlin. In September 2010, he received his Master degree and entered Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics and Management. Since October 2010, he has worked as a research fellow in the WZB (Social Science Research Center Berlin) in the department of Market Behavior under supervision of Prof. Dorothea Kübler. Rustam’s main research interests are experimental and behavioral economics, market design, and in particular matching markets.

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